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Thomson Reuters Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $4,000.00
Total Raised: $4,163.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 130
Members Recruited: 136

Join Our Team

Join my team and become a hunger fighter as we work together to end hunger in the Twin Cities! Please sign up today - you can create your own personal web page and send it to your friends and colleagues, encouraging them to support you and our team. Together, we will make a difference for the 1 in 5 families with children in the Twin Cities that don't know where their next meal is coming from.

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,163.00  
General Team Donation$135.00  
Sheila Snapp$0.00  
   Brian Ahrens$205.00  
   Camille Anderson$25.00  
   Md Arafeen$0.00  
   Laurie Bangert$125.00  
   Sue Barry$25.00  
   Ramona Bechel$0.00  
   Michael Bell$358.00  
   Halee Blaisdell$0.00  
   Debby Bredow$0.00  
   Drew Britcher$25.00  
   Mary Bruns$0.00  
   Don Brushaber$0.00  
   Julie Buerkle$50.00  
   Alexander Bui$0.00  
   Binh Bui$0.00  
   Rosamaria Buntjer-Little$50.00  
   Jen Callahan$0.00  
   Judith Colton$0.00  
   Laurie Cornell$0.00  
   Kevin Dalum$0.00  
   Melissa Dalum$0.00  
   Amy Ebel$25.00  
   Brendan Ebel$0.00  
   David Ebel$0.00  
   Morgan Ebel$0.00  
   Ben Erickson$0.00  
   Carla Erickson$0.00  
   Douglas Erickson$0.00  
   Douglas Erickson$50.00  
   Megan Erickson$0.00  
   Nick Erickson$0.00  
   Zach Erickson$0.00  
   Martha Field$0.00  
   Stephanie Fox$0.00  
   Jeff Gauthier$0.00  
   Christin Gigstad$25.00  
   Maria Gilleece$100.00  
   Ron Goedken$0.00  
   Sue Goedken$0.00  
   Gabby Grange$0.00  
   Heidi Grange$0.00  
   Marshall Grange$0.00  
   Savannah Grange$0.00  
   Kayele Grealish$10.00  
   Lori Grealish$10.00  
   Lori Grealish$40.00  
   Denise Grosse$50.00  
   Johanna Grosse$0.00  
   Mike Halada$0.00  
   Kevin Hansen$300.00  
   Loren Hanson$25.00  
   Melissa Hanson$25.00  
   Paul Hark$25.00  
   Renee Hedstrom$50.00  
   Jane Hines$0.00  
   Justin Hines$0.00  
   Lori Holtan$0.00  
   Jake Holtzleiter$0.00  
   Josh Holtzleiter$0.00  
   Kathy Holtzleiter$0.00  
   Steve Holtzleiter$25.00  
   Christy James$15.00  
   Nancee James$0.00  
   Amy Koenig$105.00  
   Beth Koenig$190.00  
   Shannon Koenig$105.00  
   Gerry LaFountaine$0.00  
   Lloyd LaFountaine$0.00  
   Trang Le$0.00  
   Jackie LeMere$50.00  
   Christian Little$0.00  
   Daniel Little$0.00  
   Joel Little$0.00  
   Joey Little$0.00  
   Bethany Lynum Ahrens$90.00  
   Joe Martin$100.00  
   Sandy Martin$100.00  
   Janine Maxwell$0.00  
   Joan Meldahl Murnan$100.00  
   Shawn Mendez$50.00  
   Kellie Mileski$0.00  
   Jay Moffitt$50.00  
   Lynn Moffitt$50.00  
   Jen Mondal$170.00  
   cindi newman$25.00  
   Hugh O'Donnell$25.00  
   Andy O'Meara$0.00  
   Autumn Odean$0.00  
   Avery Otremba$0.00  
   Bryan Otremba$25.00  
   Carsen Otremba$0.00  
   Paris Otremba$25.00  
   Tony Pahl$245.00  
   Alyson Paulick$0.00  
   Alyson Paulick$0.00  
   Robert Paulick$0.00  
   Ellie Paulson$30.00  
   Lisa Paulson$0.00  
   Melissa Paulson$0.00  
   Norma Paulson$0.00  
   Pierre Peterson$0.00  
   Jaxon Petrich$50.00  
   Tara Petrich$55.00  
   Karen Pineda$25.00  
   David Probst$100.00  
   Alison Quinn$0.00  
   Deirdre Quinn$0.00  
   Paul Quinn$30.00  
   Sally Reigel$0.00  
   shari reymann$0.00  
   Stacy Richards$25.00  
   Betsy Ruf$0.00  
   Tricia Ruf$0.00  
   Cameron Sanders$0.00  
   Michelle Sarzoza$110.00  
   Sharon Sayles Belton$0.00  
   Eric Schurr$240.00  
   David Spitzer$0.00  
   Victoria Stromm$0.00  
   Carol Stromme$0.00  
   Willy Sullivan$0.00  
   Pavan Tammana$0.00  
   Dawn Tice$0.00  
   cynthia tocho$50.00  
   Tyler Tolifson$0.00  
   Molly Tomkins$0.00  
   Stirling Tomkins$0.00  
   Andy Vanecek$0.00  
   Judy Velo$20.00  
   Jennifer Wallen$50.00  
   Brad Weinreich$0.00  
   Lori Wendolek$100.00  
   Ellen Wiggins-Odean$0.00  
   Scott Zweber$0.00  


Walk to End Hunger is presented by the Twin Cities Hunger Initiative, a collaboration of hunger relief partner agencies that have developed a definitive plan to eliminate hunger in the Twin Cities by 2015.


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